During the first couple seasons at Great Adventure a rather unusual ritual took place towards the end of the season.  Although not truly sanctioned by park management, some ride supervisors and managers participated in "soaping of the flume" events.  Quite simply, a mixture of soap based products was poured into the Log Flume's flowing waters which produced mountains of suds and bubbles that encased the ride.  So many bubbles were produced that portions of the flume easily resembled a snowy bobsled run. 

Apparently, the soaping of the flumes was an old tradition that was brought over from several relocated Six Flags Over Georgia employees.  The sudsy concoction was carefully chosen to make sure it would not damage clothing or irritate eyes.  Supposedly even the ride manufacturer, Arrow Development, was in favor of the practice since it helped clean some of the build up and dirt out of the ride's pumps. 

Special thanks to
Dennis Gilbert
for sharing these
photos with us!