Fountains and water features have often been a big part of the ambience of a theme park, bringing the sound and the coolness of running water which is often quite welcome on hot summer days.

For the 1994 season, Six Flags Great Adventure updated the Main Street entrance area of the park. Under the ownership of Time Warner a great deal of effort was put into updating and improving the Six Flags parks, and a large part of that was bringing thematic elements back into the parks and creating unique experiences. Great Adventure's entrance was already patriotic since it had been built for the Bicentennial in 1976.

The new Main Street area was given a more colonial look with new shops, and as part of the makeover the original park fountain was replaced with a new, smaller version. This smaller size opened up the walkways which could often be crowded at the beginning and end of the day. The new fountain was octagonal rather than round and featured a more formal brick wall rather than the old stone walls that surrounded the old fountain.
Six Flags Great Adventure Fountain Stage
For the 2001 & 2002 seasons the Fountain was covered with a stage where opening and closing events could take place along with shows throughout the day.

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The new Main Street Fountain used the same pumps and pipes as the original Fountain, just scaled down to fit the scale of the new pool. Since the first Fountain in the park in 1974 that featured "the world's tallest water jet", the Fountain in all its incarnations has always had a central jet. That central jet was reduced over time and supplemented with a ring of eight smaller sprayers.
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of the Main Street Fountain
The pavement around the Fountain was updated with the plain concrete being replaced by colored stamped concrete which created a more upscale and warm feeling. Despite the pavement being placed after the Fountain's downsizing and replacement, the approximate outline of the original is still visible with the change in color of the pavement. The old Fountain walls were approximately where the pavement changes between the gray stone and the red brick. 
When the new Fountain was constructed it was originally lined with stone on top of the concrete bottom, but the stone made it difficult to keep clean. Guests have always thrown money into the Fountain and the coins would fall between the stones.

Money collected from the Fountain has always been given to charities. In recent years the recipient has been Six Flags own charitable foundation, Six Flags Friends.
By night the Fountain has always been lit from below the water, with a ring of lights shining up into the water as it falls back into the pool. By day or by night, the Fountain has always been a great central hub at Great Adventure, serving as a welcome and a goodbye to guests as well as the central meeting point for guests.
For Fright Fest the Fountain has generally been dyed red, turning into a Fountain of blood. The area around the Fountain has long been a graveyard with the area that had been the outer edge of the original Fountain serving as the boundary for the cemetery.