The Matterhorn was a Mack ride found in many amusement parks, theme parks, and fairs throughout the world in the 70's and 80's.  This ride style was popular with families and offered an exciting yet tame ride which featured high speeds over hills and valleys.

  As one of the park's original flat rides, it appears the Matterhorn was something of an afterthought, not being included on the 1974 park map even though it was pictured in the park's original souvenir book.

The ride was under construction in the last weeks before the park opened and was operational with the park on July 1, 1974 at its original location next to the Super RoundUp.

The ride featured many snow and ice related elements including bobsled and skier cutouts around a mountain facade at the top of the ride.  Blue and white lights gave the illusion of ice at night and simulated icicles encircled the ride's roof.

The ride's modern looking sleds featured headlights and taillights along with an automobile-like grill in the front of the cars.  The lap bars were manually operated and held in place by a simple latch mechanism.
The Matterhorn was relocated for the 1975 season as part of the Fun Fair expansion of the park and was assembled on the current site of the Skeeball Barn (Studio 28 Arcade) next to the Grand Prix ride.

Lost in the relocation were the ornate plywood details located around the top of the ride, but the Matterhorn's blue and white lights managed to survive the move.
The ride was relocated again in 1978 to its third and final location when the Wild Flower (Troika) was removed at the end of its lease towards the end of the 1977 season.  The Matterhorn made use of the Wild Flower's queue bars, one of the longest set of queues for a flat ride.

The ride's original modern looking cars were replaced with sleigh style cars for the 1982 season and included automatic locking lap bars.  At the end of the 1986 season, the Matterhorn was removed to make way for construction of the Splashwater Falls ride for 1987.
The Matterhorn
was moved to Six Flags Atlantis water park in Hollywood, Florida and opened there along with several other flats including a Buccaneer ride in an effort to round out their entertainment offerings.   Six Flags sold off Atlantis in 1989, and the new owners ended up closing the park after being severely damaged by Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The fate of the Matterhorn after the closure and demolition of Atlantis is unknown. 

Today the final site the Matterhorn occupied is home to the Gotham City Gifts shop in Movie Town.
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  GAH Reference #:  RIDE-1974-012