Games have long been a fun part of a visit to a fair, amusement park, or theme park, and through the years a wide variety of games have been introduced with varying levels of popularity and longevity.

Over the nearly fifty years that Great Adventure has operated the park has offered a wide array of games throughout the park. Some games are "classics" which can be found in almost every park and fair, but each year there are new inventions and trends in the industry which sometimes last, but often come and go quickly.

For the 2008 season the park introduced Mega Putt Golf, a game of skill to test guests' putting skills. The game offered several challenges and two different price points, allowing for different skill levels and age ranges.

The putting green was more than 50 feet long, offering a challenge for even decent putters, and a 25 foot challenge for kids under 54" tall for a $5 fee for the One Putt challenge.

For $10 guests could take the Mega Putt challenge which offered "play until you miss" with putts from the 20, 30, 40 and 50 foot lines. The further the putt, the larger the prize.

By the time the 2008 season was over, the game was simplified to two putts from the 50 foot line for $1 with either shot getting a hole-in-one without rebounds winning a choice of prizes.

The game was located by the Giant Wheel in front of the former Pinball Parlor building which had been repurposed several times, and at that point was home to the newly introduced Wizards & Dragons Blacklight Mini Golf Adventure.

Mega Putt must not have proved to be popular since it only lasted two seasons before being removed before the 2010 season.
Original Spotlight:  July 29, 2023.  GAH Reference#:  GAME-2008-001