Swing rides have been a long time staple of theme parks and amusement parks around the world. Various sizes of these rides have been created from those designed for toddlers to extreme thrill towers.

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The Mini Swings were added to the Kiddie Kingdom area of the park in 1979. They were an example of the trend of adding a kid sized version of an adult ride to help cater to the needs of families.  Great Adventure also added pintsized bumper cars, carousel ,and Ferris wheel in 1979.

The Mini Swings were located in the same spot at the front edge of the children's area through its incarnations as Shirt Tales Land, Looney Tunes Land and finally Bugs Bunny Land.

Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Sartoni - Italy
Ride Rotation: Clockwise
Number of Units: 10 Swings
Unit Capacity: 1
Cycle Capacity: 10 (Originally 20)
Riding Time: 90 Seconds
Loading Time: 2 Minutes
Unloading Time: 1 Minute
Cycle Time: 4 Minutes 20  Secs
Cycles Per Hour: 13.3
Hourly Capacity: 140
Restraining Device: Safety Bars & Crotch Straps
Ride Restriction: Not over 54"
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The Mini Swings went through an extensive refurbishment and remained closed for most of the 2000 season.  When it returned to operation, half of the swings were removed leaving every other chair position vacant.  This helped to prevent the chairs from hitting each other as the starts and stops of the swings were often abrupt.

The Mini Swings were very popular with the smallest of guests, offering the first thrill for thousands of toddlers over the years.

Ride Names
Through the Years

Mini Swings

Bogey's Swing-Along

Sylvester Swing-A-Round

Tasmanian Devil Tornado

Monkey Around


in Balin's Jungleland
At the end of the 2004 season Bugs Bunny Land was closed to make way for the new Golden Kingdom area of the park. As part of the new jungle themed section, a new children's ride area known as Balin's Jungle Land was added, and it included three of the former Bugs Bunny Land rides including the swings. 

As part of the Balin's Jungle Land section, the swings got a brand new look and name becoming Monkey Around.  The ride was repainted and decorative touches like the leaf and bamboo design on the central column along with monkeys and bunches of bananas around the top of the canopy.

At the start of the 2009 season the Monkey Around ride was closed and marked for removal.  A week later the ride was gone along with the other rides of Balin's Jungle Land.  Guest outcry over the ride's removal brought several of these back within weeks.

For the 2011 season the Monkey Around ride was removed from the park again as the Balin's Jungle Land area was closed to make way for expansion of the new Safari Discoveries area created after the tigers were moved to the Wild Safari.