In the 1970's bounce house attractions became a staple of boardwalks and amusement parks all around the country, with many taking the name "moon bounce" in a tribute to the lunar expeditions and the technique of walking on the moon's surface in a bouncing motion. As time wore on and the inflatables wore out (and people became more litigious) they began to become more scarce, though there has been a renaissance in the 21st century with more elaborate inflatables gaining popularity once more.



One of the five original attractions that opened as part of Great Adventure's children's section Ride-a-Rama was an inflatable "bounce house" style attraction known as the MoonBounce. The MoonBounce was unique among the bounce houses of the day in that it was round and domed with a green and yellow color scheme.

The MoonBounce added a lot of color to the Ride-a-Rama section as it was the largest of the attractions and appeared in the background of photos taken anywhere in Ride-a-Rama as well as many photos from the neighboring Miniature Marvels and Antique Car areas.

When the Ride-a-Rama area was removed to make way for the new park entrance for the 1976 season, the MoonBounce was retired and a new model known as the Clown Bounce was included in the new Kiddie Kingdom.

MoonBounce was included on a 1974