April 9, 2011

A new season and new fun!  Check out some of the most recent changes and addition as
 Six Flags Great Adventure opens for the 2011 season!

There is nothing quite like an early morning drive through the Wild Safari in the springtime.

Numerous babies helped populate the various sections, joining some of the Safari's veterans with entertaining the passing cars.

A new structure has been added to the Elephant and Rhino section, although it has yet to be completed.

The Safari Exploration Station has all but packed up and moved out, now concentrating its educational messages in the new Safari Discoveries section within the theme park's Golden Kingdom.
The remaining Safari Exploration Station structures will be used for the ever-expanding Six Flags Animal Adventure Camp.

The restrooms and the Guest Relations stand are still open for all to use. 
  The Green Lantern standup coaster has been completely assembled and work progresses towards the scheduled May 19th opening for Season Pass Holders.

The former Wiggles World children's area has begun to be transformed into a unique Safari Kids area.  While everything has been de-Wiggled, much of the new theming has yet to be added such as the Birds of Prey stage in the "new" Adventure Theater, and the various signs for the kiddie rides. 
New paint has been applied around the park including several of the Looney Tunes Seaport signs, on the Carousel, and on several snack stands including the ones in Frontier Adventures.

New concrete has also been poured in several areas creating bright new thoroughfares. 
The Golden Kingdom has been completely revamped for 2011.  Balin's Jungleland has been unfortunately removed, but across the way the former Temple of the Tiger stadium and tiger viewing area has become the brand new Safari Discoveries. 

Numerous species of animals now dot the extensive display areas highlighted by Great Adventure's famous sea lions which have their own swimming tank including underwater observation windows. 
It's exciting to see so many changes and updates all around the park on opening day.  It is just the start of the 2011 season and we can rest assured that even more changes and improvements will be introduced in the upcoming months.  Have a wonderful 38th season Great Adventure!