One of Six Flags Great Adventure's most famous roller coasters almost had a very different look.

Batman & Robin: The Chiller was a unique roller coaster design created by Premier Rides specifically for Six Flags Great Adventure for their 1997 season. While Six Flags Over Texas and Six Flags St. Louis both received similar coasters at the same time, The Chiller was designed to have a higher capacity with dueling coaster trains resulting in a heightened level of riding excitement.

In the early design configuration you can see many of the elements of The Chiller ultimately would be incorporated into the final design that was constructed. The station, the observatory, and the inversion elements more or less were unchanged in the final design but just rearranged.

This initial design would have taken up a little less space with a more condensed layout. The familiar top hat of the Batman side and the cobra roll of the Robin side appear basically the same with the track turned back onto itself after those inversions.  The sloped spikes and inline twists would have been above the previously mentioned inversions rather than above and beyond the station.

This early design would have used approximately the same footprint as the constructed version of The Chiller with its station located across from Stuntman's Freefall and the trains launching in the opposite direction.  This would have positioned the tallest portion of the ride with its vertical inversions and support for the upper track spikes closer to the park's entrance where it could delight guests waiting to enter Six Flags Great Adventure.
The final design of Batman & Robin: The Chiller was equally impressive, but it was unfortunately problematic from the start. Between the yet to be perfected and unreliable technology of the linear induction motors and the power requirements to launch the trains, the ride was never able to consistantly duel like planned. The sketchy launches and stress inducing track design had too many recurring issues which in the end led to the ride being redesigned in 2006 and removed after the 2007 season.
Original Spotlight:  September 26, 2022.  GAH Reference#:  PBNB-1997-001