Ferris wheels have long been popular attractions at fairs, amusement parks and theme parks, and have taken on many different forms. Available in many sizes from children's size to giants, the rides have also featured varied styles of gondolas to reflect a theme or offer a unique ride experience.

With the addition of Bugs Bunny National Park in 2006, several new rides were purchased including a children's Ferris wheel. This new ride from Zamperla was designed to reflect the rustic National Park theme of the new children's area, so covered wagon style gondolas were chosen. This new Ferris wheel was an improvement over the original ride that had been featured in Bugs Bunny Land, being larger and offering seating for adults to ride with their children.

From the opening of Bugs Bunny National Park in 2006, the Porky Pig Camp Wagons has been one of the most popular attractions, drawing long lines of children and parents waiting to ride. The manufacturer offers two loading options, either a single load and unload position or two with added steps to access the gondolas, and in the interests of speed in ride operations, the Camp Wagons uses the steps for the two position option.


The Camp Wagons sit on a site that had originally been the pathway along the edge of the Great Lake. It, along with the neighboring Canyon Blaster ride, created a barrier between the Bugs Bunny National Park area and the Lakefront paths, limiting access to the kiddie section as to be less likely for children to wander out of the area or for teens and adults to wander into the section geared toward the youngest guests.
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The whimsical covered wagon design of the gondolas give what could have been a very generic ride a unique theme and character. The lightweight gondolas are often slightly askew when parents ride with their children and the differential in weight from one side to the other puts them off balance.

The Camp Wagons have delighted thousands of children since their debut, and promise to do so for many seasons to come.