Theme parks always try to remain on the cutting edge when it comes to offering guests the newest in rides and attractions.  Even park features aimed at children have evolved from basic pint-sized circular rides to interactive elements which offer a modern take on yesterday's basic playground equipment.

With the 1984 revamp of Six Flags Great Adventure's Kiddie Kingdom into Shirt Tales Land came several new generation climbing and play features for the park's smallest guests.  One of these new attractions was a series of intersecting oversize tubes set up as a maze of tunnels, net crawls, and see-through junction boxes manufactured by Pentes Design, Inc. known as Digger's Underground Climb named for the Shirt Tales' mole character.

The pipe maze was accessed by one of two tunnel openings that opened out into the kids area.  Anxious kids would jump into the oversize pipes and traverse their way to the rear of the layout and then loop back to the front.  Whenever children became tired or too scared to continue their trip through the maze, a downside to the layout soon became apparent as most of the attraction could not be observed from the front of the maze.  Often a host or hostess would need to climb into the maze to perform a rescue mission to retrieve the frightened explorers.
The attraction's name was updated twice changing to Pepe Le Pew Hideaway when Looney Tunes Land replaced Shirt Tales Land, and once again to Porky Pig Pipeline when Looney Tunes Land transitioned to Bugs Bunny Land.  The play site remained basically the same during the updates except for new signage.  The fencing which surrounded the ride was repainted from a redwood color to a forest green hue during the 1993/1994 off-season.

The pipeline never became a headline attraction for the children's' area and remained closed on the hottest summer days as the yellow tunnels often became very hot to the touch on the outside while unbearable temperatures were reached on the inside.  The attraction was removed after the 1995 season but its concrete footers remained until the area was used in 1999 for the installation of the Wile E. Coyote Speedtrap ride.
Original Spotlight:  February 26, 2020.  GAH Reference#:  KIDS-1984-005