*2012-Present Standing But Not Operating

Theme parks always look to introduce new games and attractions each season, and in the first decade of the 21st century, paintball shooting galleries became a big thing. Carnivals and boardwalks offered these attractions where a series of targets (including live people in some cases) could be pelted with paintballs.

Over time, the layout of Great Adventure has changed with new traffic patterns being created to move guests through certain areas. Originally Dream Street was the main axis of the park, but with the growth and expansion of the Fortune Festival area, the street was blocked off between the Carousel and the Four Tents to divert foot traffic towards the games. For several seasons the blockade was a large decorative planter which was removed in 1999 for the installation of the Jumpin Jack Flash ride. The ride suffered a great deal of downtime, and was removed between the 2003-4 seasons.

The former Jumpin Jack Flash site was cleared and construction began on a new structure to take its place.   
A simple slab foundation was poured for erecting a prefabricated building with a wood facade built at the front side. Over the course of the summer all the pieces came together for the new Paintball building.
  The building neared completion as the summer season was drawing to a close. Aesthetically, the building stood out with its silver/grey color. The front of the building featured brick face and traditional wood siding making it more attractive from the front than the back.  
  Inside the building featured a variety of targets ready to get splattered with paint.  One of the largest props was the tank vehicle once used the Lethal Weapon Stunt Spectacular.

The final weekend of August 2004 was the grand opening of the Paintball. 
  Quickly the interior of the building and all of its targets were coated in the green paint. Outside, landscaping was added to try and make the area more attractive.  
  The Paintball gallery was updated and changed for several season though it never seemed very popular. There were usually a couple of guests playing, but it rarely drew much of a crowd.    
  For the 2009 season it was updated to become the Alien Invasion Shooting Gallery. The paintballs were replaced with small rubber balls that simply bounced off of the targets. This required that a net was placed in front of the counter to keep the balls from ricocheting back at the shooters or even into passing guests.     
  The lack of paintball splatter further reduced the popularity of the game, with few if any guests partaking.  For the 2012 season the Paintball building remained closed and eventually was boarded up awaiting removal or redevelopment in the future.