The Huss Frisbee ride has been one of the most popular rides in the manufacturer's line, with installations in parks around the world.   Six Flags purchased several of the rides, each one featuring a different theme package to fit the section of the park they were installed in.   The ride's combination of swinging motion and rotation made it quite eye catching to passers by.  


Added in 1999 as one of 27 new attractions in the park's War On Lines, the Pendulum was a Huss Frisbee with a vaguely medieval theme to fit the Old Country section of the park.   The theme elements included large spikes  and rope-like coils spiraling up the legs.  Original renderings called for a castle facade which like many of the other extra thematic touches for the War On Lines rides never came to pass due to budget and time constraints.

The ride was located directly behind the Autobahn bumper car building, making it nearly invisible to those passing by on the main pathway.   The ride was highly visible to guests entering the park as it swung over the fence separating the park from the Outer Mall.   Each time the ride would swing, the neighboring trees would rustle in the wind created by the ride, and at night the sight of the ride was accentuated by the band of lights around the ride vehicle.    

Technical Information
Manufacturer: Huss Maschinenfabrik Corp. of  Bremen, Germany
Ride Model: Frisbee - Park Model
Opening Date: April 2, 1999
Number of Gondolas: 1 circular vehicle
Gondola Capacity: 40 people
Number of Guests per Cycle: 40 people
Approximate Capacity: 900 guests per hour
  Base (width x depth): 52 feet x 72 feet
  Max. height of gondola: 66 feet
  Gondola diameter: 27 feet
Maximum Force: 4 gs
Allowable Passenger Size: Maximum height 76 inches (6'4")
Direction of Travel:
  Gondolas: Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise
Installed power at drive unit: 290 kW
Safety Restraint: Neck harnesses 
Operational Description:
Drive power for the swinging movement is transmitted to the gondola via drive cranks which are pneumatically advanced toward the keel of the gondola in an alternating sequence.
These cranks are fitted with DC current-powered drive wheels which transfer their rotation speed to the gondola keel by contact pressure. All control functions for the drive are fully automatic.
The Pendulum had a very incomplete feel to it throughout its short time in the park, with the ride never receiving the additional theme elements it was supposed to have, or even a sign though the brackets for hanging a sign had been attached when the ride was constructed.  

The ride was another of the victims of inadequate staffing in the park, running sporadically.  Its semi-secluded location made it a logical ride to keep closed on slower days or when ride staff was unavailable.  When the ride was not operating it was nearly invisible to most park guests, except those who rode the Autobahn. 
Click the placard below for video of the
Operating as Revolution at Six Flags Great America


One of the best details added to the Pendulum was it's small covered queue line, which matched the ride's medieval theme elements in color and style.   The surrounding walls beneath and behind the ride were designed to fit the medieval theme as well, with the look of stone and half timber construction, matching the existing walls around Old Country.

When the pendulum was open, it drew decent sized crowds as they saw it swinging above the surrounding buildings and fences.   Its large capacity meant lines could move quickly with a good crew running it, though quite often the load and unload times were very long as a single operator had to unload, load and check shoulder harnesses between each cycle.

  During the off season of 2003-2004, the ride was disassembled with the ride parts visible to those who attended the Winter Lights event.   The ride was being sent to another Six Flags park for the following season.

For the 2004 season, the fence had been moved back to its original position behind the Autobahn, covering the area that had been home to Pendulum for a few short years.  The only visible remnant of the ride's existence was the black and red canopy of the queue house.

The Pendulum found a new home at Six Flags Great America as Revolution, with its stark medieval theme elements being replaced with a bright paint scheme of patriotic red, white and blue.  Unlike its hidden existence at Great Adventure, the Revolution was given a spot center stage in the middle of the hustle and bustle, replacing the park's antique Ameri-Go-Round carousel.