On the morning of March 24th, 2008 Six Flags Great Adventure provided a walking tour of the Park including an opportunity to see the construction site for The Dark Knight Coaster firsthand.

Many thanks to the Six Flags Great Adventure Team and a special thank you to Angel for extending an invitation for GreatAdventureHistory.com to participate in the tour!
Above & Below:  The Dark Knight Coaster under construction.  Track is already being assembled inside the building while assembly of the exterior structure nears completion. 
Loose articles will not be permitted on any of the major coasters this year.  All bins and lockers have been removed from the various ride's loading platforms.  Guests will be required to rent a locker to store their items. 
The Park's second Johnny Rockets will make its home at River Bank Cafe. A brand new building has been constructed for another Cold Stone Creamery location.  
Tree removal and path modifications will help the new Glow in the Park float drivers navigate their way through the dark. A collection of trash cans on the Evolution site. The Turbo Bungy site is now vacant.
The Flying Wave has been removed from the park due to difficulties in obtaining parts. The Fantasy Fling will now be staying due to the loss of Flying Wave. The Shooting Gallery has been replaced by other games of skill. Turbo Bungy will be relocated to the Flying Wave site.
A brown wall shuts off  The Old Country which will be closed for 2008. The fountain has been given a fresh coat of paint. The Dream Street banners have yet to return.  
The front gate awnings still need to be attached. Ground work was being completed near the Boardwalk area. All the SpongeBob Square Pants signs were removed. The Golden Kingdom Dippin' Dots stand has been themed.
La Cocina receives a new entrance area with queue line. Patio work is also underway. Johnny Rockets Express takes over a part of the Fiesta Games area. Lockers for Rolling Thunder and El Toro share a common area.
Here are the sad remains of the Super Teepee which was severely damaged in a high winds storm in early March.  It is expected to be removed prior to the 2008 season opener.
      One of the two air conditioning vents that kept the Super Teepee chilled.
  With the canvas skin removed, it's easy to see that several of logs were in really bad shape.   The conveyer belt lift of the Saw Mill Log Flume awaits proper assembly.
  It just doesn't look the same without the Super Teepee.  The 2008 maps have been posted around the park. The Carousel still needs its canvas top installed.
Additional benches dot the Fantasy Forest section along the future parade route. The Old Country sign still stands but it will be removed prior to opening day.    
We had one last chance to walk through The Old Country section.
The station for Batman and Robin The Chiller stands silent as The Dark Knight Coaster invades its space.
      The Dark Knight Coaster's hair-pin turns await installation.
  Grass has been planted on the former site of Stuntman's FreeFall. A new protective storage area has been constructed behind the Batman Stunt Arena for the Glow in the Park parade floats.
New vending machines!   The new Johnny Rockets signs head into the Park!