One of the most important and often overlooked parts of a theme park are the restrooms which need to be located conveniently throughout the property so guests can find them easily (and quickly!).

When construction of Great Adventure began in 1974, one of the first buildings to go up were the restrooms. Facilities were built at scattered strategic locations throughout the park, most importantly just outside of the show venues to handle the large crowds as they entered and exited the popular shows.

Across from the most popular show venue in the park, the Aqua Spectacle, the Aqua Stadium Restrooms were one of the busiest locations in the park. They also served the restaurants right behind it around the Fountain. 
Like all the park's restroom facilities, the build was a simple box with wooden siding and trim that were painted to blend in with the surroundings. Interiors were plain and basic, and originally the buildings had large wall unit air conditioners which struggled to keep up with the summer heat.
When Time Warner took ownership of the Six Flags Parks, they began a program of upgrades and improvements throughout, and the restroom buildings were included. Fresh paint and updated signage was the main focus along with updated fixtures.
Like all the park's restroom facilities, the restrooms had water fountains and payphones, offering all the basic necessities in one place. Vending machines were also placed outside the restrooms - in the early years cigarette machines which were replaced by beverage machines in later years.

With the upgrades under Time Warner ownership, theme elements were added throughout the park including the restrooms. The bulk of the theming was fresh paint and in this instance, themed wallpaper boarders which conveyed the nautical theme of the Lakefront area.
Over the years other updates have been made the interior and exterior. A stone veneer was added to the front wall which matched the stone front added to the Aqua Stadium when it transitioned to Fort Independence.

New tile and fixtures were added, as well as an updated HVAC system which resulted in adding a drop ceiling for the ductwork and new lighting.

Like all the restroom facilities in the park, prominent banners were added in front to help guest locate them.
With the passage of time, the payphones have gone away, and in recent years large park maps were added to the front of the building where the water fountains are located.
Original Spotlight:  January 11, 2024.  GAH Reference#:  REST-1974-003