One of the most important and often overlooked parts of a theme park are the restrooms which need to be located conveniently throughout the property so guests can find them easily (and quickly!).

One of the first structures built in spring of 1974 was the restroom building in Strawberry Fair near the Big Wheel (Giant Wheel). The area in front of the building was home to the Pretty Monster ride for two seasons before it was moved to a spot next to the Yum Yum Palace as part of the park's reconfiguration for the 1976 season. Behind the restrooms was the Happy Feeling petting zoo.

Like most of the other restroom buildings in the park, the building was fairly nondescript, with simple painted wood siding and trim. Water fountains were built in front of the building, and payphones were mounted to the outside walls. Before the advent of cell phones, payphones needed to be scattered throughout the park so people could call home for rides or to check in with parents.

The building devoted 50% of its floor space to the women's room and the other 50% to men's facilities.  Originally decorated with tan floor tile, peach colored tiled walls, and faux wood grain stall doors, fluorescent lighting lined the vaulted ceilings with in the wall air-conditioning units and ventilation fans at the top of the rear wall.
When Time Warner took over the Six Flags parks in the 1990's, they looked to improve and beautify the park by adding themed elements. Even the restrooms got attention with fresh paint and details included on the interior to match the theme of the surrounding area. Simple things like wallpaper boarders added color and theming to an otherwise stark interior.
Around 2004, central air-conditioning was added to the building prompting drop ceilings to be installed along with a full update to all the fixtures and tiling.  A few years later the building received updated trim along the rooflines, a new light green paint job, and the removal of the payphones outside.
After more than forty years the building was really starting to show its age so as part of park wide updates and improvements the restrooms were slated for a major overhaul in the 2022 season.  Part of the improvements included two new family restrooms added to an extended front side of the building as well as updated water fountains featuring bottle filling stations. The new, improved restrooms were a big improvement and much needed.
Original Spotlight:  January 10, 2024.  GAH Reference#:  REST-1974-002