One of the most important and often overlooked parts of a theme park are the restrooms which need to be located conveniently throughout the property so guests can find them easily (and quickly!).

Built with the park in 1974, the restrooms next to The Fort served the entire western-themed section of the theme park which was always one of the highest trafficed areas of the park.  The nearby Great Arena alone, which could hold thousands of guests for shows and concerts, was enough to overwhelm this busy facility. 

Park designers realized this was going to be an issue and added another restroom as part of the Western Shoot Out building just on the other side of the Log Flume path but hidden across a small bridge. No sign was ever posted on the Fort Restroom redirecting overflow patrons to the secondary facility so long waits for the toilets were common especially for the ladies.
The building has always been fairly plain and nondescript with simple brown siding and painted trim. Similar in design to other restrooms from opening year, the building's left side was designated for women and the right side for men.

Over time the external appearance of the building changed little, with only tweaks to paint color and signage. During the years of Time Warner ownership when a great deal of attention was given to theming, old western artwork was added to the walls inside to give it a hint of the "Frontier Adventures" theme.
Around 2004, the Fort Restrooms as well as the Aqua Stadium and Big Wheel Restrooms had central air-conditioning installed which required drop ceilings to be added.  The a/c unit was positioned behind the building with two ducts feeding cool air into both sides of the restrooms.
The interior of the restrooms were updated over time with new tile and hands free fixtures. To this day, the Fort Restrooms continue to be a highly used facility serving the entire western section especially after the demolition of the Western Shoot Out toilets in early 2013.
Original Spotlight:  January 11, 2024.  GAH Reference#:  REST-1974-005