Rides geared towards children are often scaled down versions of adult rides, including roller coasters. One of the leading manufacturers of these rides has been Zamperla, which continues to innovate children's and family rides with new styles and thematic options.

Zamperla offers many variations on the kiddie coaster ride with stock styles available
along with custom fiberglass designs or unique theme variations.
The Road Runner Railway was added as part of Great Adventure's "War on Lines" in 1999, adding the first new kiddie coaster to the park since the removal of Lil' Thunder in 1983. The coaster was part of the brand new Looney Tunes Seaport children's area.

 The new coaster allowed for children to join the Road Runner in a wild chase as he climbed, swooped, and curved his way through the air as he tried to escape from that super genius Wile E. Coyote.

After the coaster was installed and had been operating over the summer of 1999, the coaster was temporarily removed in the fall of that year.  An incident in Ocean City, NJ on a similarly manufactured ride in August of 1999 led to the addition of safety modifications and adjustments.  The ride would be reinstalled again before the start of the 2000 season.

Technical Specifications
Ride Name: Family Gravity Coaster
Manufacturer: Zamperla
Track Length: 262.5 feet / 80 meters
Maximum Height: 14 feet 5 inch / 4.4 meters
Number of Cars: 6
Passengers per Car: 2
Passengers per Train: 12
Theoretical Hourly Capacity: 360
Motive Power: 25 kw

  As with the entire Looney Tunes Seaport section, the Road Runner Railway coaster was given thematic elements to fit the nautical theme including boxes of cargo and a crane hoist with a cargo net lifting a crate.

The coaster's station was built to resemble an old loading dock.  On the roof of the station building was an "ACME" rocket with Wile E. Coyote lighting the fuse.

One of the first changes made to the coaster was removal of the Road Runner and Coyote figures that had been on the front and back ends of the train.  Due to the jerky moves of such a tight and limited coarse, the quick motions of the trains put a lot of stress on the tall fiberglass figures that flanked the front and back of the ride vehicles.

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Road Runner Railway 
  Over the seasons, some of the theme elements around the Road Runner Railway have become victim to the weather elements and have deteriorated.  However, the ride has seen several updates to its signs and entrance ramps. 

While the Road Runner Railway is geared towards small children, the rather spacious seats can accommodate adults which allows for parents to experience the ride with their kids.  To make up for the extra short track length, riders are treated to two trips around the track circuit.  The station brakes are not engaged once the train makes the climb for the first time allowing the train to quickly pass through the station for the second climb up the lift.

As simple as the ride is, the screams from its smallest riders are proof today that the ride still remains very popular as kids add the Road Runner Railway to their coaster-riding track record.