Small spinning attractions geared towards children have been a long time favorite at theme parks and amusement parks.  Quite often the spinning motion is combined with kid controlled variations in height with planes, helicopters, elephants and many other kinds of flying objects used for the ride vehicles.

Great Adventure was home to a kiddie plane ride for many years as part of Bugs Bunny Land known as the Red Baron.   However, it was exported to The Great Escape park in Lake George, NY when the Golden Kingdom was built in 2005. 

After a public outcry following the closure of Bugs Bunny Land at Six Flags Great Adventure in 2004, the park looked to add a new kid oriented area themed to the Looney Tunes characters and as a result Bugs Bunny National Park was added for the 2006 season.  The new area revitalized a underutilized area of the park centered around the Bandstand on the Lake open air theater.   The collection of kids rides were a combination of newly purchased attractions and a few relocated rides from other areas of Great Adventure as well as from other theme parks.

 The "new" airplane ride installed as part of Bugs Bunny National Park was actually relocated from Six Flags Astroworld in Houston (which had just been closed) where it was known as Looney Tunes Airlines. The ride was given a complete rehabilitation along with a snazzy new paint job and in the spring of 2006 it debuted as the Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots, delighting a new group of children in its new home.
Technical Information
  Ride Rotation: Clockwise
  Number of Units: 8 Planes
  Unit Capacity: 2
  Cycle Capacity: 16
  Riding Time: 90 Seconds
  Loading Time: 2 Minutes
  Unloading Time: 1 Minute
  Cycle Time: 4 Minutes 30 Seconds
  Cycles Per Hour: 13.3
  Hourly Capacity: 208
  Weather Forcing Shutdown: Lightning
  Restraining Devices: Seat Belts
  Manufacturer: Chance Manufacturing of Kansas
  Ride Restrictions: Under 54 Inches

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The Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots ride was a much needed replacement for a beloved ride that had been lost with the removal of Bugs Bunny Land. Despite the fact that at the time there were two other rides in the park offering similar experiences including another plane ride in Looney Tunes Seaport, the traditional biplanes were still the most popular.  With Bugs Bunny in his flight gear at the ride's center, what kid wouldn't love to take to the air for great adventures through the skies?