As long as there have been mascots for theme parks, there have been areas set aside to meet those characters.  Quite often those areas have featured special photographic sets depicting the homes where those characters live and play.

For the 2006 season, Six Flags Great Adventure offered two new major themed areas to the park. The real standout was Plaza del Carnaval with its star attraction El Toro. For children, however, Bugs Bunny National Park, with its new offerings of rides and attractions geared to the youngest park guests, was the most anticipated addition.

Bugs Bunny National Park included five new pint-sized rides as well as an old favorite, the Bugs Bunny Camp Carousel, which was a transplant from the former Bugs Bunny Land area.  As part of the scenery for the new Bugs Bunny National Park, a Ranger Station was constructed. Though a fairly small building, the structure's exterior was actually fairly elaborate and nicely fit the rustic National Park theme.
The small timber frame building was built at the top of a hill with a porch area in front that looked down onto the rest of the Bugs Bunny National Park attractions. The building featured just a three windows and three doors and had a very small interior space. The roof was finished in red tin and had a faux chimney covered in river rock built into one side of the front porch roof. 
The Ranger Station was built with no discernible purpose other than to be scenery. The small footprint and cramped inside meant it would have been poorly suited to be a gift shop or snack bar, and though sometimes the Looney Tunes characters could be found around it, the interior was too cramped to be a meet and greet or photo area.
Over time the logs have weathered nicely, making the Ranger Station more authentic looking as part of the National Park theme of the area.