In the early 1980's the trend for children's attractions was to offer something more than the passive rides of the past, with things like net climbs and ball crawls offering physical challenges to engage kids.

At the end of the 1983 season Six Flags introduced the Shirt Tales characters in their parks including Great Adventure.  As part of the integration of these new characters the Kiddie Kingdom area of the park was given a much needed update to become Shirt Tales Land.

As part of the update interactive play elements like the Net Climb and Ball Crawl were added in order to compete with the new Sesame Place theme park which had opened in 1980 and offered similar interactive play structures. The new Net Climb was known as Bogey's Adventure House, named for the character Bogey Orangutan. 

The dual sided slide structure could be entered by climbing cargo nets from both the left and right rear of the attraction.  The nets led up to an un-air conditioned room at the top with large circular windows.  Children exited the upper "hut" by sliding down one of two long yellow tube slides ultimately landing in a padded mat in front of the structure.

In 1985, Shirt Tales Land was rethemed to Looney Tunes Land and the Net Climb became the Honey Bunny Hut.
Rear Net Climb Names
Through the Years

1983  Bogey's Adventure House

1984-1987  Honey Bunny Hut

1988-2000  Wile E. Coyote
 Wild Wild Web

2001  (Standing But Not Operating)
For the 1988 season Looney Tunes Land was updated to Bugs Bunny Land and the net climb was renamed the Wile E. Coyote's Wild Wild Web.

In 2001, the net climb was closed and the cargo nets and slides were removed.  The support structures on the right side were removed months ahead of the rest of the attraction to allow for the entrance path to the new Season Pass Entrance.  The last of the structure was removed between the 2001 and 2002 seasons.