One of the most important and most overlooked parts of a theme park are the restrooms which need to be located conveniently throughout the property so guests can find them easily (and quickly!). In many theme parks designers go to great lengths to make the restrooms part of the theme and story of the area in whch they are located

In 1993, Six Flags Great Adventure under the ownership of Time Warner looked to cross promote and create synergy with the entertainment giant's brands and properties. The Movie Town area of the park was created to promote the vast film library of Warner Brothers in many shapes and forms. With he addition of Batman: The Ride, the original restrooms that had been locate in the section were demolished, so new restrooms were built to take their place. Rather than add just something simple and box like, the Blue Parrot Restrooms were themed inside and out, taking its name and look from the classic film Casablanca.
The Moorish architecture style was based on that of Morocco where Casablanca was set.  The Blue Parrot was the name of a competing bar to Rick's in the film. The interior architecture also reflected the style of the building with pointed Moorish style arches around the doorways as well as tiled walls. The Blue Parrot was quite different than the other restrooms in the park which were often quite plain and utilitarian.
The restrooms were located in the area of Movie Town bordering Old Country, and when Old Country was closed to the public the restrooms were walled off as part of that closure. They are still used when the Showcase Theatre and Old Country Picnic Grove are open for group outings and other special events.