One of the most important and often overlooked parts of a theme park are the restrooms which need to be located conveniently throughout the property so guests can find them easily (and quickly!).

When it opened in 1974, Great Adventure proved to be very popular, and while the park did receive mostly favorable reviews, guest complaints noted that the park did not have enough rides, food outlets, and even more pressing, restrooms.

For Great Adventure's sophomore season in 1975, the park added a whole new area called Fun Fair with a collection of new rides to add much needed capacity. As part of this expansion additional facilities were added alongside the new rides and restaurants.

A new set of restrooms was added to Fun Fair just around the corner from the Gingerbread Fancy restaurant. This was to serve the new section of the park as well as to supplement the existing restroom facilities at Gingerbread Fancy which proved to be inadequate for the volume of guests. The new restroom facilities were nearly identical to the restrooms built on the other side of Gingerbread Fancy next to the Dream Street Skyride station. Both buildings had matching wrap around privacy walls in front of the doors and a large brick bank of water fountains in between the restroom entrances.
Through the years the Fun Fair Restrooms changed very little while the area around them kept evolving with new rides and attractions coming and going. The landscaping continued to grow up all around it, and the signage was updated over time.

One of the biggest draws to the restroom facilities (besides the obvious) was that they were also the location of the park's pay phones. In the time before cell phones, pay phones were always in demand as people sometimes needed to check in with family or friends, often to arrange for rides home from the park.
For many years the closest neighbor to the Fun Fair Restrooms was Lightnin' Loops. With the acquisition of the Six Flags Parks by Time Warner, big changes came all around the park to improve thematic elements and big changes were planned for the Fun Fair area as it was to be made over into Movie Town. As part of the makeover, Lightnin' Loops was removed to make way for the arrival of Batman: The Ride for the 1993 season. The installation of the new roller coaster meant the restrooms had to be demolished to free up space for the new Gotham City Park queue area for the ride and the courtyard complete with the Batmobile in front of it.  The Fun Fair restrooms would be demolished just after the 1992 season's wrap.
In 1993, with the absence of the Fun Fair Restrooms, a new facility themed to the Blue Parrot bar from the movie Casablanca was built near Stuntman's Freefall on the opposite side of the section.   Although it was larger than the restrooms it replaced, yet another facility was still needed to deal with the increased number of Movie Town visitors, especially the wet riders from the Movietown Water Effect ride. In 1998, a second restroom building named Studio Restrooms was built across the pathway from where the old Fun Fair Restrooms originally stood. 
Original Spotlight:  August 21, 2021.  GAH Reference#:  REST-1975-005