Like most parks, Great Adventure developed a section of generic children's rides which were variations on the basic spinning ride.    Most of the Ride-A-Rama rides were common production model kiddie rides found in just about every theme park, amusement park, kiddie park and boardwalk throughout the world.

Another attraction that was found in just about every amusement area in the 1970's was the "moon bounce" inflatable jumping room, and Great Adventure was no exception with its unique clown shaped jumping room.


The first of the park's childrens' areas was the Ridearama area, which opened with the park in 1974.   This small area opened with just five attractions, four of which were all very small generic rides, and a clown shaped jumping room.


The Ridearama area's four rides were all variations on the theme of spinning ride, with different types of vehicles.


The Flying Copters offered children the chance to control their altitude as they spun, controlled by a bar which pulled backwards toward the riders would actuate the hydraulic cylinder to lift the arm upwards. The colorful cars also featured propellers on the tops and on the tails which would spin from the motion of the ride.

The two "umbrella rides" were standard Hampton vehicle rides each featuring an array of colorful vehicles.    The Dune Buggies ride featured off-road style vehicles like dune buggies and utility off road transporters.   The Cars!Cars! ride featured several styles of vehicle including fire trucks, motorcycles, and cars of varying sizes and shapes.  Both rides had the familiar Hampton ride features including colorful metallic finishes, arrays of blinking lights, prop steering wheels, and the all too familiar buzzer style horns activated by riders through buttons on the vehicle dashboards.

The Roundabout Boats ride featured a round pond which the boats would float in, at the ends of struts attached to a central hub.    The boats were driven by small outboard electric propellers mounted on 3 of the 5 boats.  

Perhaps the most visible and unique attraction in the Ridearama area was the Moon Bounce.   The jumping room featured a domed roof designed to look like a hat, with the walls of the house featuring a clown's face and ears.    The walls of the room featured clear windows allowing parents to watch as their children bounced around inside. 

The Ridearama area only lasted two seasons, being removed for the 1976 season as part of the new Front Gate area.   Several of the attractions were relocated to the park's new Kiddie Kingdom area for the 1976 season.   Kiddie Kingdom was added to the area that had been the park's original Front Gate.




Technical Information
  Park Section Name: Ridearama
Description: Great Adventure Theme Park's original children ride section located between the Antique Cars ride and the Garden of Marvels.
  The Attractions
    Manufacturer: Hampton Rides
  Number of Vehicles: Eight - two to nine passengers each
     Direction of Travel: Counter Clockwise
    Last Name of Ride: Beep Beep Buggies in  Bugs Bunny Land
    Manufacturer: Hampton Rides
    Number of Vehicles: Six - four to six passengers each
     Direction of Travel: Counter Clockwise
    Last Name of Ride: Daffy Duck Magic Motorcade in  Bugs Bunny Land
    Manufacturer: Allan Herschell Manufacturing
    Number of Helicopters: Eight - two passenger helicopters
     Direction of Travel: Counter Clockwise
    Manufacturer: J&S Company
    Manufacturer: Theel Company
    Number of Boats: Five - four passenger boats
     Direction of Travel: Clockwise
    Last Name of Ride: Pepe Le Pew Pleasure Cruise in  Bugs Bunny Land
Kiddie Kingdom went on to become Shirt Tales Land, then Looney Tunes Land, and finally Bugs Bunny Land where the two umbrella rides and the boat ride continued to operate until the end of the 2004 season when they were removed  for construction of the Golden Kingdom.

The area occupied by Ridearama became part of the landscaped area in the Inner Mall, which was filled with grass and flower beds until the construction of the Looney Tunes Shoppe buildings in the 1990's.   Later the land became a backstage area behind the Daredevil Dive ride and the 4-D theater, primarily covered in pavement as part of the park's system of access roads.

  Ridearama was
featured on one of
Great Adventure's original postcards from 1974.