One of the most popular rides of the 1990's built by the Huss company was the Breakdance ride which combined the elements of the classic Scrambler type ride with increased speed and variable independent motors which gave the ride operator more control over the ride experience.  Breakdance models were added to parks and carnivals around the world, and many variations of the ride vehicles were available to customize the look of the ride based on the buyers needs and variations included standard cars, barrel shaped cars and like the model the park bought, bull shaped cars.     


The Rodeo Stampede was one of the 27 new attractions added to the park for the 1999 season and the War On Lines.   The Huss Breakdance ride was given a theme to match the area it was added to in the park, with bull shaped ride vehicles and a central bull figure.

The ride was located in front of the Viper, and took over part of the coaster's original queue area which was no longer needed as the lines had diminished with the coaster's waning popularity.

 Rodeo Stampede was given rustic fences and matching queue area to fit in with the ghost town look of the Viper's ride area.   For safety a tall fence was required around the ride which partially obscured it from view to passers-by along the pathway, only allowing occasional glimpses of the rear ends of the bull shaped ride vehicles as they spun past.

The entrance to Rodeo Stampede took the place of the Viper entrance, with the Viper queue being moved off to the side.   This often caused confusion as riders would walk into the wrong queue, or if one ride or the other was closed for some reason, many guests would think both rides were closed.   The high fence around Rodeo Stampede also obscured Viper's entrance to people approaching from the bridge, and many guests simply jumped over the fences and walked across the landscaping to get onto the coaster's line since they couldn't see the entrance.   
Technical Information
Manufacturer: Huss Maschinenfabrik Corp. of  Bremen, Germany
Ride Model: Breakdance 3
Opening Date: April 1999
Number of Gondolas: 16
Gondola Capacity: 2 people
Number of Guests per Cycle: 32 people
Approximate Capacity: 1300 guests per hour
  Base (width x depth): 61 feet x 61 feet
  Minimum height of platform: 0.66 feet
  Maximum height of platform: 2 feet
Allowable Passenger Size: Minimum 54" (4'6") to Maximum height 76 inches (6'4")
Direction of Travel:
  Platform: Counter-Clockwise
  Gondolas: Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise
Installed power at drive unit: 90 kW
Safety Restraint: Over the shoulder locking lap bars
Locking gondola doors
Ride Features:
Sloped gondolas cause the spontaneous back and forth movements.
Infinitely variable direct current electric motors allow for infinite ride patterns.
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The Rodeo Stampede
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Rodeo Stampede like many of the other flat rides added as part of the War On Lines saw limited operations in its time at the park, a victim of lack of staffing combined with mandatory closures to add additional safety devices like seatbelts and small doors on the sides of the cows.

In fall of 2005 the Rodeo Stampede closed and was dismantled in preparation for the construction of El Toro and the Plaza del Carnaval area for the 2006 season.  

The ride was moved to Six Flags Over Texas to become a "new" ride for the 2006 season, and continues to operate there today as Rodeo.