While some parks are quite visible from a distance, the first glimpse of many theme parks has been a roadside sign welcoming guests to the property.

When Time Warner bought the Six Flags Parks in the early 1990's, they really wanted to create a nationally known brand and image, and a big part of that branding was updating the logos of the parks under the unified Six Flags name. Many of Six Flags parks were still better known by their original names, but the new brand emphasis really changed the identities of those parks to Six Flags. As part of that branding effort many of the signs and graphics were updated and standardized including Great Adventure's roadside signs.
  For years Six Flags Great Adventure had an oversized version of its rainbow logo stationed at its entranceway off of Route 537.  In 1993, that was updated with a new sign featuring corporate's new blue banner logo with white stylized flags and emphasized Six Flags name. At the base of the sign was a small fountain and seasonal planting bed, and behind the sign six flag poles to fly the six flags of Six Flags. Over time the sign was supplemented with smaller Wild Safari and Hurricane Harbor signage to include all three of the park's features.

The original design of the sign had the water feature located atop the Six Flags lettering and below the blue banner.  Upon the sign's debut the fountains were relocated to the sign's base and ultimately eliminated.
  The blue Six Flags sign lasted through 2021 and over time the biggest changes came with the flags behind it being swapped out periodically. Eventually the Wild Safari and Hurricane Harbor signs were removed when the Safari was incorporated into the theme park. With more recent changes in management of the company, a decision was made to replace the sign with an updated version featuring the current, more colorful version of the corporate logo as well as a new LED screen. 

Use of the Six Flags' blue banner was discontinued on pamphlets and merchandise starting in 1999 and disappeared from many of the Six Flags parks shortly thereafter- except for Six Flags Great Adventure where it remained for over twenty additional years.
Original Spotlight:  October 14, 2023.  GAH Reference#:  SIGN-1993-001