A big part of any day at a theme park is food, and most parks offer a wide variety of places to eat. Waterparks try to offer the same kinds of things though on a more limited scale.

When Six Flags Hurricane Harbor opened in 2000, it had two food locations. The main location on the island was Aquatopia, with a small satellite food location called Kukookachoo's Kafe located between the Blue Lagoon wave pool and the Discovery Bay water play area. 
The simple little counter service facility served a limited menu of food and drinks, with a small seating area located right in front of it, though many guests took their food back to their beach chairs along the edge of the wave pool and play area.
Like all of Hurricane Harbor, the building was exotically themed and featured many whimsical touches, most notably the sign advertising "free lobster tomorrow".
For the 2007 season the new management of Six Flags began to introduce more brand name eateries into their parks. One of the first brands to come onboard was Papa John's Pizza. Multiple locations were opened in the theme park and at Hurricane Harbor a small Papa John's location was introduced at what had been Kukookachoo's. The new dining option proved quite popular and additional tables were added in a new sandy patio adjacent to the restaurant which had been the former location of a Turbo Bungy trampoline ride.
Building on the success of Papa John's, the second half of the building was remodeled for the 2009 season as the popular Johnny Rockets chain made its first entre into Hurricane Harbor. The new location was a "Shakes & Fries" shop just offering a limited menu. Once again, the new offerings proved very popular and drew long lines of guests.
To help alleviate lines, a special express beverage window was setup on one side of the building, allowing those just looking to get beverages or refill their souvenir bottles bypassing the lines of guests waiting for hot food. The popular patio area was upgraded as well, expanding and receiving pavement to make it more permanent.

In 2011 Papa John's Pizza left, and Kukookachoo's began to just sell generic pizza. For 2012 the Johnny Rocket's side of the building was converted into Totally Kickin' Chicken Boneless Wings as the new brand was introduced throughout the Six Flags chain.  


The pizza side of the building was given the brand name Primo's Pizzeria in 2013, selling Famous Famiglia brand pizza. The chicken side of the building was given new sun shades to help make waiting in line a little bit nicer experience.