Six Flags Hurricane Harbor New Jersey- The Falls Water Slide Complex

This popular body slide complex was often duplicated by Six Flags in water parks from coast to coast.

The Falls is Hurricane Harbor's body slide complex featuring two twisting enclosed tubes along with a steep open center slide.

The impressive seven story Falls water slide complex was strategically located alongside the main entrance way to the Great Adventure property to entice guests to visit Hurricane Harbor.

The open center slide, Jurahnimo Falls is a favorite slide for spectators as well as riders as people's courage is tested looking down the long, steep drop before making the plunge.
Technical Information
Slide Complex: Speed Slide Complex
Complex Name: The Falls
Manufacturer: Proslide Technology Inc. - Ottawa, Ontario
Slide Name: Cannonball Falls Geronimo Falls Wahini Falls
(Cannonball) (Jurahnimo) (Neptune)
Slide: Flume #1 Flume #2 Flume #3
Ride Type: Extreme BlackWater Extreme ClearWater Extreme BlackWater
BodySliding Bodysliding BodySliding
Ride Series: Cook Series Everest Series Cook Series
Open/Enclosed: Enclosed Open Enclosed
Flume Style: ProTube "32" MaxTrack ProTube "32"
Slide Color(s): Elderberry Lime Green, Teal,  Teal
& Elderberry
Length: 357.5' 294.4' 394.4'
Drop: 64.4' 76.4' 64.4'
Average Grade: 24.20% 71.40% 24.90%

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The Falls



The Falls is the only attraction at Hurricane Harbor to have gone through a name change, being redubbed Poland Springs Plunge for several seasons. The same Poland Springs Plunge sign design was used for the Hydro Flume ride in the theme park during the limited sponsorship deal.

When the Poland Springs sponsorship ended, the ride returned to its original name, The Falls.