Generally water parks have a limited range of attractions, but through the years some have tried to incorporate other experiences into the mix of offerings, usually as up-charge experiences.

  At the start of the 2000's, one of the trends in the theme park industry was adding several small interactive attractions, generally as an up-charge to offset the labor required to operate it and its low capacity limit. Six Flags Great Adventure added Turbo Bungy to the theme park for the 2001 season.  The set of trampolines offered guests a chance to safely bounce and do tricks including flips and manuevers securely attached to a harness. The attraction was popular and a money maker in the theme park, so a decision was made to add a set to Hurricane Harbor as well for the 2002 season called X-TREME Trampoline.    
  A small sand-covered pad was added to the right of Hurricane Harbor's Kukookachoos food stand to house the new attraction which included a set of four trampolines and their accompanying frames to operate the harness mechanisms.

Guests could either pay a nominal fee for a single session or a flat fee for a "Jump All Day" wristband.  On a per minute rate, the all day option was a huge bargain compared to the single session.

X-TREME Trampoline remained at the park through the end of the 2007 season when the attraction was removed and its site transformed into a patio with umbrella covered tables to better accommodate the growing crowds of the nearby food stand and snack carts.
Original Spotlight:  April 17, 2020.  GAH Reference#:  HHRIDE-2002-001