Children's play elements have become a staple of theme parks over the years as new soft play structures have been developed.  Play areas can be created with a wide variety of themes to fit characters or the overlying theme of an area in a park, and the best ones enhance their environment.

In 2007, the Wiggles were introduced in several of the Six Flags parks including Great Adventure with new Wiggles World area. As part of the new Wiggles World several of the rides which were previously part of  Looney Tunes Seaport were re-themed and new attractions were added including the S.S. Feathersword play area which occupied the former queue area of the Hydro Flume.

The brightly colored S.S. Feathersword was designed to look like the ship of Wiggles character Captain Feathersword and was designed with a small climbing structure with a set of slides and other interactive elements.

The area around the ship was covered with a soft foam and several nautically themed elements including a starfish, kegs and a treasure chest were scattered around that children could climb on and through. The elements were made of a soft cushion material covered in vinyl.
The S.S. Feathersword play area was popular with the youngest guests but suffered from the lack of shade making the elements dangerously hot in the summer. A shade structure and additional large umbrellas were added to help remedy the situation. At the end of the 2010 season the Wiggles contract with Six Flags expired and the S.S. Feathersword along with the Wiggles theme elements were removed prior to the 2011 season.
The site once occupied by the play area was filled with two relocated kiddie rides from the Golden Kingdom- the Lady Bugs and Kiddie Scrambler.