One of the oldest amusements found at fairs and carnivals was a pony ride, allowing children to ride on the back of a diminutive equine while often pretending to be mounted on a noble steed.

For the 2007 season, Six Flags Great Adventure looked to improve and expand the experiences offered in conjunction with its Six Flags Wild Safari Park.  As part of these efforts, the former Safari Hospitality area was upgraded and renamed the Wild Safari Exploration Station with new animal exhibits and attractions.

One of the new offerings was a Pony Ride.  A rather simple arrangement, a small tent roof was set up over a central spindle rigging used to guide ponies to walk in a slow steady circle.  The ride could accommodate up six ponies at one time,  although for the most part it featured four of the miniature animals.  Small side pens allowed for the ponies to rest and sit out a turn or two at the spindle while snacking on hay, water, and feed.
The Pony Rides were offered as an up-charge attraction for $5.00 - a fee that remained the same for all four years the ride operated.  Never meant as a high thrill or high capacity attraction, the quiet little Pony Ride was there to entertain the park's smallest guests who didn't surpass the weight limit of 100 pounds.
The beautiful, gentle animals were well cared for and seemed to enjoy their role in bringing happiness to the youngest guests.   Proper sanitary care was always adhered to by both guests and workers alike with easily accessible Purell sanitizing dispensers and signs reminding everyone to wash their hands.
The ponies were provided by an outside contractor, Marshal Steve's Ponys LLC of Egg Harbor Township, NJ from 2007 through the end of the 2010 season.  
For the 2011 season, the Wild Safari Exploration Station area was closed and many of the exhibits were moved into the theme park as part of the new Safari Discoveries area which took over the former Temple of the Tiger display. With the closure of the Exploration Station, the Pony Rides were discontinued.