Playground style attractions have often been included in the lineup of amusement parks, offering physical activities alongside the rides. Most parks have removed these classic play pieces in favor of safer and more modern play structures and elements.

The Kings Sandbox was added to Kiddie Kingdom in 1982 as Great Adventure increased the number of attractions for the youngest guests. With the advent of parks like Sesame Place,  there was more of an emphasis on physical activities rather than traditional rides.
  The Kings Sandbox featured several standard pieces of playground equipment mounted over a sand filled area. Also included in the area was the Foghorn Follies puppet theater which provided a new show for the children's area. The Foghorn Follies only lasted two years at Great Adventure before being relocated to Six Flags Atlantis waterpark in Hollywood, Florida.

The Kings Sandbox was renamed Digger's Super Sandbox in 1984 when Kiddie Kingdom was made over as Shirt Tales Land.

The Sandbox took on a new name just one year later with the arrival of the Looney Tunes and the new Looney Tunes Land.

After the 1987 season the Sandbox was removed as Looney Tunes Land became Bugs Bunny Land for 1988.  The sandbox area became the new home to the Bugs Bunny Great Western Rail Road.
  Sandbox Names
Through the Years

The King's Sandbox

Digger's Super Sandbox

Yosemite Sam's Sandbox