Child sized roller coasters have been part of most theme parks, offering the first thrills for the smallest guests.  Small steel coasters from many manufacturers are common, with heights generally in the 20 foot range and a basic oval layout.


The Screamer was added as part of the new Kiddie Kingdom area of the park in 1976.  The coaster was manufactured by Molina & Sons and featured a small oval track had a maximum height of about 15 feet and a single train of five single bench cars allowing up to 10 children to ride per cycle. 

Technical Information
  Model: Moli-Coaster
  Manufacturer: Molina and Son - Miami, Florida
  Direction of Travel: Counter-clockwise
  Maximum Speed: 2 R.P.M.
  Number of Trains: 1
  Number of Cars: 5
  Maximum Passengers/Car: 2
  Maximum Weight/Car: 350 lbs
  Motor: 5 HP - 208-220/440 Volt 3 Phase

With the addition of Rolling Thunder right next to the Screamer, the ride received the name Lil' Thunder for the 1979 season.  To match its larger namesake, the cars were repainted blue just like Rolling Thunder.  The small coaster was a favorite for the youngest park goers giving them their first "thrills" before they graduated to the bigger coasters like the Runaway Mine Train. 

The coaster was very compact, designed for portability, and identical coasters could be found in parks all around the country.  The twin to the ride could be found just a few miles to the east at Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant for many years.


With the retheming and remodeling of Kiddie Kingdom for the 1984 season into Shirt Tales Land, Lil' Thunder was removed to make way for additional play element structures which would later become part of Looney Tunes Land, then Bugs Bunny Land, and finally part of the present day Golden Kingdom.