Extreme thrill rides became a growing trend in the late 1990's. These rides often suffered from the drawback of being low capacity, so theme parks often added them as "up-charge" attractions requiring an additional charge to ride to limit the number of riders as well as to generate additional revenue.  Six Flags added several of these Slingshot style rides to their parks, and Great Adventure received a portable model in 2001.

The Slingshot was added to the Boardwalk area of the park in front of the 4-D Simulator building in the 2001 season.  The ride filled the area in front of the hangar style building which had originally held a jet plane when it was built for the Right Stuff Mach 1 Adventure ride.

The ride was a portable model designed for use in fairs and in parks. It was mounted to a flat bed trailer, with stabilizing legs that spread out in the four corners which also acted as mounting points for the guy wires that helped to steady the telescoping towers.  The red, white and blue color scheme was continued with a matching vinyl skirt around the trailer that was designed to cover the wheels and help disguise the ride's portable nature.  
The Slingshot was added along with the Turbo Force extreme ride in 2001, and both shared a small booth where tickets for both rides were sold along with tickets for the Great American Road Race.

One of the most unique aspects of the sling shot was the tension accumulator which created the force that shot the ride vehicle into the air.  The accumulator had a series of steel springs that were stretched with a motor, putting tension on the ride cables.  When the capsule was released, the springs pulled the cables down launching the riders skyward.  The springs allowed the car to "bounce" up and down several times before lowering it to the base.
Technical Specs
Manufactured by: Funtime Thrill Rides - Las Vegas, NV
Tower Height: 147 feet
Launch Height: 220 feet
Ground Dimensions: 80 feet x 50 feet
Gondola Information: 1 Sphere - 2 Persons
Power Usage: 67 Hp
Installation Time: 5 hours

Combines the thrilling sensation of a launch and a freefall, all into one explosive ride.  (Fee required.)
After just one season at the park the Slingshot was removed and sent to another Six Flags park. The ride's site was to be home to the new ErUPtion ride, but it was delayed and did not arrive until the 2003 season. For the 2011 season, the ErUPtion ride was removed and replaced with a new version of the Slingshot ride.
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