Snack stands are found throughout theme parks to try and tempt guests with sweet or salty treats and drinks throughout the day between (or in place of) meals. The stands can range from small portable carts to fairly substantial structures depending on location and theme.

What started off as one of Great Adventure's generic snack stands in the Fun Fair area of the park transitioned with the redevelopment of the area into Movie Town. The site was originally the home of the Movie Town Pretzel Shop taking its name form the rethemed and renamed neighbor Stuntman's Freefall. With the 1997 addition of Batman & Robin: The Chiller, the small stand was removed, enlarged, and themed to match the frosty motif of the Chiller, becoming Snowy's Snacks. 
  Snowy's expansion more than quadrupled the size of the stand, offering not only a bigger and better facility, but a wider range of food and drink options.  The larger kitchen area created more of a mini-restaurant than just a simple snack stand. Theme elements added to the building reflected the industrial look and theme of the Chiller roller coaster.   
  Stand Names Through the Years
Original Snack Stand:
1983 California Natural
1984-1993 Freefall Pretzel
1994-1996 Movie Town Pretzel Shoppe

New Snack Stand:
1997-2011 Snowy's Snacks
2012-Present (no name)
Over time, the rides neighboring Snowy's were removed and would leave it under-used. First the Freefall ride was removed which left what had been a part of Freefall's queue area as a new patio eating area.  However with the diminished traffic to the area it was seldom used. The subsequent removal of the Chiller which was the reason for Snowy's existence was the final blow, resulting in the stand's closure.   
  Snowy's now sits vacant in part of the fenced off area that had been part of Movie Town and Old Country, utilized occasionally for special events like Fright Fest or group outing held at the Old Country Picnic Grove.  Until recently the food stand would open for Fright Fest serving pretzel, snacks, coffee, and hot chocolate during the cool autumn weekends.