Everyone needs a cold drink on a hot day in a theme park, and parks try to offer multiple outlets of varying sizes to help quench that thirst and sell those drinks.

As Great Adventure continued its growth in the early 1980's they continued to fill in places that guests found were lacking. One of the biggest challenges the park had in the early seasons was the lack of drink options outside of the restaurants. Hot people were looking to buy drinks, so several additional snack and soda stands were added all around the park.

One of the smallest and simplest stands added was a Soda Stand added directly across from Gingerbread Fancy and next to the Skeeball Barn. This high traffic area was a prime location for guests to make a quick stop for a cold drink.
In 1993, when Time Warner bought Six Flags they immediately began to upgrade the parks by bringing thematic elements to previously unthemed areas. The Soda Shop was a perfect example of a simple but effective update they made. The generically plain booth which for twelve seasons just had a "Soda" sign on it was repainted and made to reflect the look of Gingerbread Fancy (now renamed Granny's) across the pathway and given the name Fantasy Soda Shoppe. The simple cosmetic change to the stand made it fit in nicely to the newly rethemed and renamed area Fantasy Forest.
For the 2006 season, the menu was changed and with it the name was changed to Fantasy Yogurt. The next season yogurt was out and replaced along with a new name, Fantasy Pretzel which stayed until 2010.
The 2000's saw changes in ownership, management, and direction for the park. The emphasis on theme was replaced by an emphasis on branding featuring sponsored products in the park through advertising partnerships.

One of the new sponsors of Six Flags was the Tornados brand of tacquitos. The stand was repainted in garish red and yellow becoming the Tornado Zone. As part of the sponsorship the park's Round Up ride became "The Tornado" even though the stand and the ride were in different areas of the park.
The Tornado Zone only lasted a single season, and with the retheme of the area around it to Adventure Alley for the 2012 season, the stand took on a new identity becoming Adventure Alley Snacks. The new sign was added while the stand retained its bright colors which also fit the new Adventure Alley logo. The name stuck with the stand through the 2016 season.  After 36 seasons of offering refreshing drinks and tasty snacks the stand was removed and replaced with a new prefabricated Dippin' Dots stand for the 2017 season.
Similar Drink Stands Installed Throughout Six Flags Great Adventure
Near the Fort Near the Aqua Stadium Near Looping Starship
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