With the peak time for theme parks being the hot summer months, finding a way to cool off has always been a priority. Innovations in the waterpark industry were introduced into theme parks creating water play areas where guests could cool down with a variety of water jets and play elements.

Last update to this page:  June 1, 2012 (Original Publication)
Splashwater Oasis was a miniature waterpark within the theme park, added to Great Adventure as part of the Golden Kingdom in 2005. Splashwater Oasis was part of the Balin's Jungleland children's area, creating a new area for kids to cool off on hot summer days.

The structure of Splashwater Oasis was constructed using tubular steel to create a multi level deck. The deck would have many of the same elements found in waterpark play structures like the Discovery Bay area of Hurricane Harbor. 
A central decorative fiberglass fountain fixture dominated the middle of Splashwater Oasis. Flanking each side behind the fountain were the two deck structure filled with water guns, buckets and a slide. The area around the fountain was filled with pop-jet fountains creating an area of wet fun. The area made its debut in late May of 2005, just as the hot summer weather began.
Like the neighboring Cub's Corner and Tigerland Treehouse play structures, Splashwater Oasis was designed to resemble an ancient Indian temple, complete with images of tigers, monkeys and snakes in the design of the central fountain. The most popular feature of waterpark play structures is always the "tipping bucket" which dumps a lot of water on guests below periodically as the bucket fills up.  Splashwater Oasis featured a smaller version of the tipping bucket found in places like Discovery Bay at Hurricane Harbor.
As a water attraction in a theme park in the northeast, the season for Splashwater Oasis was rather limited with the real summer weather only lasting about three months of the year. This meant that the attraction would open on Memorial Day each year and then close again at Labor Day.

One of the biggest challenges of Splashwater Oasis was keeping teens and adults out of the children's play area, keeping it safe for the younger guests. The controlled entrance and exit helped but  regulating parents and older brothers and sisters' activities in the play area was still difficult.
For the 2011 season, the Balin's Jungleland area of the park was closed, but Splashwater Oasis remained open to the delight of the park's smallest guests.  The remainder of the former children's area is slated for future development.