Theme parks everywhere have train rides designed specifically for young children. There are various styles and types of these train rides made by many manufacturers, but the most common version is built by Zamperla.  Zamperla trains have been made in many styles to fit the design of the parks they have been created.  


Trains in the children's sections of parks are among the most popular attractions, offering a gentle ride for the youngest of riders.  Six Flags Great Adventure already featured a train in the park, introduced as part of Bugs Bunny Land in 1988 which later was incorporated into Balin's Jungle Land in 2005 as the Jungleland Express. 

For the 2006 season the park introduced a second train ride from Zamperla as part of the new Bugs Bunny National Park, but this one had the unique twist of taking the form of a stagecoach and team of horses.
The Foghorn Leghorn Stagecoach Express ride was brand new for 2006, and though it had a unique form, it utilized the same type of track as the existing Jungle Land Express train ride. The ride vehicles share the same wheels and electric drive motors as other Zamperla train rides.

There are two ride experiences offered with the stagecoach style ride, with children either riding inside the stagecoach or on saddles on the back of the team of four horses. The horses actually "gallop" as they travel along, offering a more exciting ride.  Because of the open riding position of the horse saddles, there are different height requirements for passengers on the horses than passenger in the stagecoach.

The track for the Stagecoach runs out in a previously undeveloped area of the park on the peninsula below the Log Flume which is full of mature trees.  A few props were placed along the track along with several bushes.
Because of the remote location of the Stagecoach Express it was often not seen by guests. On days with low staffing the ride was a natural choice for closure since it was practically invisible and offered a similar experience to the Jungleland Express. 

On days when the ride was not in operation, the ride vehicles were parked on the back side of the track where they were less visible.
Technical Information
  Ride Manufacturer:  Zamperla
  Ride Model:  Pony Train Junior Ride
  Track Length:  215 Meters 
  Number of Horses:  8
  Number of Coaches: 
  Number of Children/Horse: 1
  Number of Children/Coach: 2 On Front & 6 Inside
  Drive Motor:  100 W each
  Installed Power: 0.9 kW
  Voltage:  Input 380 VAC  Output  48 VDC
After just three years of operating, the ride was closed and the ride vehicles put into storage in order to save money in maintenance and operating costs. The stagecoach and horse vehicles sat out of the weather in the Autobahn bumper car building waiting to return to the park.

In 1976 the penninsula area was scheduled to become home to the antique car ride to accomodate relocation of the park entrance. Plans for relocating the electric antique cars never came to pass, but the addition of the Stagecoach Express harkens back to the original plans.

The track and operators booth of the ride were left in place ready to reopen. The signage was removed and put into storage, but everything else was untouched.  The rustic fences and structures are a great example of simple thematic touches that enhance the ride and guest experience.

For the 2011 season the Foghorn Leghorn Stagecoach Express is scheduled to return to operations offering a children's train style ride that the park is lacking.

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Foghorn Leghorn Stage Coach Express: