The challenge of building a ride sometimes is figuring out how to safely get guests over or under it so it can operate safely. Quite often bridges, ramps, or stairs give access across a ride's path, as well as offering views of the ride and riders below.

The 1991 season saw the first new themed area added to Great Adventure since 1979 with the addition of Adventure Rivers. The new themed area was home to a variety of new water slides that were built around and between two existing water rides including the Hydro Flume which had been operating since 1975.

To create the new area, the woods in the center of the Flume's course was opened up to build new towers and slide complexes. To access the infield area guests had to cross the existing flume trough that ran at ground level. To do this a set of stairs was needed.
The new set of stairs crossed the existing concrete trough near the Flume's station. The Hydro Flume was rethemed as the Irrawaddy Riptide and given Asian theme elements.

The new set of steps was themed to match the flume's new theme, painted in the same colors, and featuring Asian styled light fixtures. The steps were designed very much like the stairs for the flume station, with two sides and a railing in the center for two way traffic.

The Asian Tower slide complex could only be reached by using these stairs or going all the way around the back of the Adventure Rivers section to a pathway next to Congo Rapids.
The Adventure Rivers section lasted only seven years and was removed before the 1999 season for the construction of Looney Tunes Seaport which was added as a part of Great Adventure's "War on Lines" which introduced 28 new rides.
The stairs served as an auxiliary entrance to Looney Tunes Seaport, and often was problematic with kids and strollers struggling to traverse the staircase to enter and exit the land.

After the 2006 season the Hydro Flume was removed from the park to make way for the new Wiggles World area. With the flume gone the stairs could go away as well, so they were removed making access between the areas of Wiggles World and Looney Tunes Seaport much more easily accessed by all.
Original Spotlight:  March 28, 2022.  GAH Reference#:  FACI-1991-002