Candy and sweets are often a fun part of a day at a theme park. Since the first amusement parks were created candy makers have been a staple of the park going experience.  Part of that fun has often included watching the candy being handmade throughout the day.

For the 1979 season,  a new candy store was added to the entrance area of the theme park.  It was part of a series of upgrades throughout the park that happend when Great Adventure was acquired by Six Flags in the late 1970's.  All of Six Flags' existing parks had candy shops that proved to be quite successful with guests watching candy being made right in front of their eyes.

Candy apples, caramel apples, fudge, and other sweet treats were being prepared fresh throughout the day. Those delicious items were sold alongside pre-packaged candy of all kinds.

Popular candies like gummy bears, Hershey kisses, and Starburst squares could be purchased by the 1/4, 1/2, or full pound.  These would be hand scooped into a plastic merchandise bag and weighed.  While generally more expensive than if you purchased them from your local grocery store, there was just something special about strolling through the park while snacking on your favorite sugary snack.

The Sweet Tooth Candy store was a big success, and by the next season a second candy shop called the Kandy Kitchen was added on the far end of Dream Street. 
Walking into the Sweet Tooth Candy shop always put a smile on patrons' faces.  The sweet smell of the candies along with the always amply-air conditioned shop was a perfect escape from the hot summer sun.  The vibrant colors of all the candies, cookies, and whimsical merchandise just added to the experience.

With the purchase of the Six Flags Theme Parks by Time Warner in the early to mid '90's, an effort was made to add or restore themes throughout the parks. Great Adventure's entrance was rethemed to Main Street over time, and the store took on the name Aunt Millie's Sweet Treats.  Just like the Gingerbread Fancy restaurant was renamed to Granny's to give it a more of a homey vibe, Aunt Millie's it was hoped, would do the same thing.

Overtime the fresh made candies gave way more and more to pre-made or pre-packaged candy which saved time and labor.
In 1999, the Aunt Millie's name was dropped but  the Sweet Treats name remained. The building received an updated candy color paint scheme on the exterior and interior, and the selections of candy changed with the times and changing tastes.

While fudge may have stopped being made on site, the park still made an effort to make their fudge offerings unique and special.  The selection of standard flavors joined custom flavors themed to Great Adventure's major rides like Nitro-Holic, Zumanja-Wow, Ka-Some, and Offroad Outrage.  The color of each type of fudge matched the colors of their namesake coaster and attractions.  Offroad Outrage which paid homage to the Safari Off Road Adventure was oddly brown.  Wonder how well that one sold!

Around 2017, Sweet Treats expanded its footprint into the neighboring store to its left.  With the added floor space additional items could be offered including brands which Six Flags had partnered with through their Corporate Alliance program. 

With the ever popular Halloween and Christmas events at the park, the store was redecorated and even carried seasonally specific treats.

By 2019, the focus of candy sales was moved to across Main Street with new storefronts including mPorium m&m shop and Coaster Candy drawing guests.  As a result, Sweet Treats briefly took on the new name Snacks & Souvenirs and in 2020 and 2021 became Sweet Treats Dippin' Dots featuring the popular theme park ice cream treat. 
By mid-season 2021 came yet another new name, this time Sweet Treats Cafe. This iteration of the shop was part of a major makeover for the building inside and out. Gone were the candy colors replaced by a new more subdued color scheme which went along with the store's new purpose as the park's first Starbucks Coffee location.

Whether it has been candied apples, tasty fudge, or Starbucks coffee, the Sweet Treats Candy shop at Great Adventure's entrance has been filling the needs of park goers since 1979, giving them the fuel they need to energize their way through a busy day at the park.
Original Spotlight:  June 29, 2022.  GAH Reference#:  SHOP-1979-002