The Swiss Bob was a standard production model Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve (Bavarian Curve) ride, which was common to many amusement and theme parks around the world in the 1970's and 80's.   The ride offered a high speed thrill, suitable for the entire family since young children could be seated in the laps of their parents.   The rides had a very distinctive sound which could be heard from all around the parks they were in.   Most parks that had them have retired these rides since the manufacturer is out of business and parts have become scarce. 

The Swiss Bob ride opened with the park in July of 1974.   The ride seemed to have been added at the last minute, not appearing on the original park map from the first season, although it did make into the 1974 Souvenir Book.

Originally located near the Giant Wheel for the 1974 season, the Swiss Bob was moved in 1975 to what would be its final home in the Fun Fair area of the park. 

Originally the ride featured an Olympic bobsled theme, complete with a back drop, which was removed after the 1979 season.
When first installed, the ride received its power via a contact bar mounted below the center car with electrical pickup via a rail alongside the track.   The power was required for both the lighting and the motors which lowered and lifted the cars as the ride started and ended.

  Following several modifications the contact bar was removed and a central rotating power line was added - sort of like a big power cord.  The power cord wasn't possible in the early years due to the elaborate backdrop panels and scenery, but provided a more reliable and easier to maintain power connection.

The Swiss Bob was powered by a series of drive tires mounted below the track which propelled the cars using a central fin. 

Braking was performed by the slowing and stopping of the track mounted drive tires.  The static tires often made a loud barking like sound when in operation.
Technical Information
  Manufacturer: Anton Schwarzkopf -Germany
  Ride Model: Bayern Curve
  Number of Ride Vehicles: 16
  Number of Guests per Vehicle: 2 seated in-line
  Maximum Guests per ride: 32
  Loading: All seats simultaneously
  Approximate Capacity: 700 guests per hour
  Maximum Speed:  12 RPM
  Direction of travel: Clockwise
Ride duration: 2 Minutes 15 Seconds
  Diameter of ride: 69 feet
  Weight of ride: 29 tons - Two 40' containers
  Safety restraint: Seatbelts
  The Swiss Bob ran with minimal downtime and received a complete refurbishment in 1990.  The ride was removed after the 1991 season to make way for the new Batman Stunt Arena.  In 1992, the ride resurfaced across the park on the former site of the Ultra Twister roller coaster.

The ride's track sections and supports were neatly stacked ready for installation, while backstage the cars were being repainted a new gold/orange/red color scheme to match the Mexican themed section in which it was to be located.  

However, the ride was never re-built here, leaving the site vacant until the introduction of Viper in 1995.

In 1993, the Swiss Bob along with the Schwabinchen rides were scheduled to  be reinstalled on the former Shockwave site.  Together the rides would be the start of a new "Fantasy Fair" section of flat rides marked by Great Adventure's huge lion highway entrance sign.  

Unfortunately, these plans also never became reality.   The Schwabinchen would reappear in 1993 as El Sombrero on the site previously occupied by the Tilt-a-Whirl, but the Swiss Bob was never rebuilt.