Swiss Bob I was a standard production model Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve (Bavarian Curve) ride, which was common to many amusement and theme parks around the world in the 1970's and 80's.   The ride offered a high speed thrill suitable for the entire family since young children could be seated in the laps of their parents.

One of the original rides that opened with Great Adventure in July of 1974 was the Swiss Bob, a production model Bayern Kurve ride complete with the original manufacturer's scenery panels and Olympic rings. The ride seemed to have been added at the last minute, not appearing on the original park map from the first season, although it did make into the 1974 Souvenir Book.

Originally located near the Giant Wheel for the 1974 season, the Swiss Bob was moved in 1975 to what would be its final home in the Fun Fair area of the park. 

The long train of cars featured the colors and flags of many of the powerhouse countries of the Olympic Winter Games.
The powered train was designed to tilt for easy loading and unloading, starting level, then tilting into riding position in the first circuit, leaning into the center of the ride. This really enhanced the feeling of speed creating a more authentic "bobsled" experience.
The scenery for the ride was elaborate, with the backdrop of mountains and winter landscapes The ride was designed for carnivals and fairs where the attractions compete with one another for attention and ticket sales.

Part of the scenery package included 3-D trees of lights that lit the ride and flashed to draw the eyes of passing guests. Along with a stylized sun rising behind the mountain backdrop and the lights on the sleds themselves, the ride looked quite spectacular after dark.

The original Swiss Bob was removed after the 1979 season and was replaced in 1980 with a nearly identical model. 

Original Spotlight:  December 7, 2007, Updated:  March 28, 2011, November 14, 2018, November 30, 2021.
GAH Reference #:  RIDE-1974-013