An updated model of the Swiss Bob (Swiss Bob I), which we refer to as Swiss Bob II, was a production model similar to the Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve (Bavarian Curve) ride but sold by Intamin AG.

For the 1980 season, Great Adventure installed the second of the Bayern Kurve model rides replacing the original which opened with the park in 1974. This was a nearly identical ride to the one it replaced, minus the elaborate scenery panels and Olympic rings of the original.

The replacement of the Swiss Bob was an unadvertised swap-out of rides solely made to upgrade aging equipment. Outside of a brief mention of the new ride in an employee newsletter, no mention of the new ride was ever published. The new version was sold by Intamin AG of Switzerland, the supplier of the park's Buccaneer ride which was the park's promoted new ride in 1980.
  The ride was simple, utilizing several banks of tires mounted under the track which would propel the trains around its course.  These same tires also provided the braking for the ride.

The train of cars itself required electrical feed to power the lights on the cars as well as motors in each sled which would lower the cars from a level position during loading and unloading to a banked position while navigating the circular track. 

When the Swiss Bob was first installed, power to the train of sleds was provided by an electrical pickup mounted under the center cars.  This configuration was modified in subsequent years with a central guide pole positioned at the ride's hub. A cable ran from it to the train, sort of like an extension cord, powering the train's electrical components. This seems to have been a way to reduce maintenance and increase rider's safety.
  With the absence of snowcapped scenery of the park's original model to absorb the sound, the whirling noise of the ride in operation seemed to be amplified. As far as halfway across the park, guests could hear when the Swiss Bob was operating.

The Swiss Bob ran with minimal downtime and received a complete refurbishment in 1990.  The ride was carefully disassembled after the 1991 season to make way for the new Batman Stunt Arena which would premiere in 1992.
In 1992, the ride resurfaced clear across the park on the former site of the Ultra Twister roller coaster. The ride's track sections and supports were neatly stacked ready for installation, while backstage the cars were being repainted a new gold, orange, and red color scheme to match the Mexican themed section in which it was to be located.  Oddly, the new park map still referenced the Swiss Bob name.   
  Despite the prep work that was done for relocation, the ride was never rebuilt here, leaving the site vacant until the introduction of Viper in 1995.

The ride was placed back into storage, and in
1993, the Swiss Bob along with the Schwabinchen ride were scheduled to  be reinstalled on the former Shockwave site.

 Together the rides would be the start of a new "Fantasy Fair" section of flat rides marked by Great Adventure's huge lion highway entrance sign.  

Unfortunately, these plans also never became reality.   The Schwabinchen would reappear in 1993 as El Sombrero on the site previously occupied by the Tilt-a-Whirl, but the Swiss Bob was never rebuilt.

Original Spotlight:  December 7, 2007, Updated:  March 28, 2011, November 14, 2018, November 30, 2021.
  GAH Reference #:  RIDE-1980-002