Happy New Year!  In 1944, some 75 years ago, the Switlik family hosted one of their family's annual parties to welcome the new year.  Below is an original vintage invitation to the festivities which were held at the Switlik's "mansion" which was hidden deep in the woods which today neighbors the Great Adventure theme park.  Now well over a century old, the house still stands on the Six Flags property and can be accessed from the dirt roadway between The Joker and Harley Quinn Crazy Train coasters or via private roadways on the property.  It is located in an off-limits parcel of land.

The comical invitation includes some great graphics and humor with wording not often found today.  The talented artist even included a sketch of the Switlik home which still accurately captures how the house looks today.  The map included on the invitation provided directions from Trenton, home of the Switlik Parachute Company.  The celebration most likely included workers or at least management from Switlik's manufacturing plant.

During a rare event, Six Flags Great Adventure offered park guests an up close view of the Switlik mansion when it became the featured destination for the 2011 hayride attraction known as Haunted Wagon Tales. 

The ride to the house aboard open hay wagons ventured down narrow dirt paths which emphasized how truly remote the residence was seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

The only other time the public was allowed into the lands surrounding the house coincided with scouting events when the area serve as temporary campgrounds for the scouts.

Guests with a keen eye may be able to spot the mansion after first entering the brown bear (Terra Ursus) section of the Safari Off Road Adventure especially in the spring and fall when there aren't leaves on the trees.