Self-propelled kid-friendly attractions have often been found in theme parks, giving children a hands-on way to make their own fun as well as to burn off some of their youthful energy derived from the vast amounts of sugar consumed while in a theme park.

  The Sylvester Scooters was one of the many new additions to Great Adventure when Looney Tunes Land was upgraded to Bugs Bunny Land in 1988. The trend in theme parks at the time was to have more "active" amusements to get kids playing and moving in addition to riding rides as part of their visit.

The scooters, located directly behind the children's theater, occupied a 400 square foot concrete floor encircled by a gated picket fence.  The enclosure limited entering and exiting the ride allowing for a more typical ride cycle operation.  Eight six wheeled self-propelled scooters manufactured by Mason Corporation were used in the attraction.  The kid-powered scooters were moved by the small riders shifting their body weight from side to side as seen in the video below. 

While typically used only during the busiest summer weekends, Sylvester Scooters were retired after the 2001 season.  The ride site was made home to a temporary Fast Lane booth which sold skip-the-line access for pass holders using the new Season Pass Entrance.  The entrance operated for four seasons until its demolition along with the majority of Bugs Bunny Land in 2004 for the introduction of the Golden Kingdom.

Oddly, a reminder of Sylvester Scooters was unearthed in August 2015 when the Great Lake Grandstand was demolished.  The ride's original sign was spotted, hidden deep inside the walls of the half destroyed stadium.  Why it was located there is unknown.
Original Spotlight:  March 8, 2020.  GAH Reference#:  KIDS-1988-003