Swing rides have been a long time staple of theme parks and amusement parks around the world. Various sizes of these rides have been created from those designed for toddlers to extreme thrill towers.  Zamperla offers several styles and sizes of these rides including the kid sized Lolly Swing.


Ride brochure from the manufacturer Zamperla:

  Added as one of more than 25 new rides for the 1999 season's "War on Lines", the Taz Tornado was one of the most popular attractions in the new Looney Tunes Seaport area of the park. The Taz Tornado was a Zamperla Lolly Swing type ride designed for parents and children to ride together.  It was the park's third swing ride, filling the gap between the Flying Wave and the Mini Swing.

Original plans for the ride had it being installed as a generic candy-themed Lolly Swing which was to be installed next to the Yum Yum Palace (Great Character Cafe).
  Technical  Specifications
Manufacturer: Zamperla
Ride Rotation: Clockwise
Maximum Revolving Speed: 9.5 rpm
Number of Units: 16
Unit Capacity: 2
Cycle Capacity: 32 (16 adults & 16 children)
Hourly Capacity: 800 Guests per Hour
Restraining Device: Safety Bars & Crotch Straps
Ride Restriction: Not under 36"
Click below to view a video of the Taz Tornado:

  Instead, the swings were designed to look like the Tazmanian Devil whose wild gyrations were a perfect fit for a spinning ride. The central column of the ride was designed to resemble the tornado like cloud of dust that always was stirred up by Taz's frantic movements.  
  After the Flying Wave was removed in 2007 and the Mini Swings were removed at the end of 2010, the Taz Tornado became the sole swing ride in the park.