Park souvenirs have come in all shapes and sizes over the years, but probably the most popular item has always been the ubiquitous t-shirt with hundreds of styles being sold in parks each year.

For the 1989 season one of the new additions to the park was a new shop located between the Fountain and Aqua Stadium called Tee-rific, naturally specializing in T-shirts. The building, which replaced an open air stand called Shirt Barn, was very late 80's style with its two large bay windows in front and the exterior color scheme of pastels. The interior was simple with one large room with shirts hanging from the walls all around and freestanding racks in the middle.
Along with shirts, the shop also sold hats, and over time the merchandise changed with an increased focus on sports apparel. For 1992 the store was renamed Sports Appeal. The Sports Appeal name and selection remained through the 1995 season. For the 1996 season the shop was repainted and renamed The Village Clothier as part of the enhanced theme of the Fountain area as it was given a colonial style makeover. The name stayed until 2002 and the shop primarily featured shirts and clothing which were marked down for clearance at discounted prices.
Shop Names
Through the Years

1989-1991  Tee-rific

1992-1995  Sports Appeal

1996-2002  Village Clothier

2003-2006  Wild Republic

2007-Present  Flash Pass Center
For the 2003 season the shop became home to the Wild Republic brand of plush toys. The location close to the entrance to the Dolphin show brought a steady crowd of kids and families. Wild Republic stayed through 2006.
For the 2007 season a big change was in store for the former retail location as the park's extremely popular Flash Pass virtual queue system moved from its small original location near the Big Wheel.

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The building doubled in size to accommodate the large crowds, creating a "training area" where guests were given an explanation of how the Flash Pass units worked.

The Flash Pass has remained a popular part of the park and even today the increased size and capacity of the Flash Pass facility can still result in long lines of quests waiting to enter the building. The central location of the Flash Pass building is ideal as guests can purchase or pickup Flash Passes before the park is completely open from within the Fountain area prior to the opening ceremonies rope drop. The central location also makes for easy return of the units at the end of the day as well as being convenient for guests with problems or questions about their Flash Passes.