Theme park shows have always been an important part of the mix of attractions offered, appealing to a wide range of ages. The Happening was a reflection of the spirit of the 1970's, with costumes and music and trampolines.

One of the more last minute additions to the Enchanted Forest was The Happening. The Happening took the place of what was supposed to have been a fifth Dream Street tent.
The Happening was a show that involved acrobats on trampolines performing to music including the song "The Happening" by the Supremes which closed the show. The area for the show was a simple clearing in the trees with concrete pavement. The area was surrounded with brightly colored banners in bright checkerboard patterns. The audience could watch the show on benches or chairs or even watch from the porch of the adjoining Yum Yum Palace.

The stage for the show was decorated in the same style as the Gazebo bandstand located just down Dream Street at the Fountain.

We currently have few details about The Happening show, but we know it only ran for the 1974 season. It appears that the "Bakery" booth (which appears to have been a puppet theater) was moved to The Happening area (perhaps to supplement the show lineup and offer seating).

For the 1975 season the former Happening site appears to have been used as additional seating for the Yum Yum Palace. Tables and chairs filled the area where the stage had been, with the colorful banners still in place around the patio area.
In 1976, the park entrance was moved from the end of Dream Street to the current location at the center of the park and as part of the park's expansion the Pretty Monster ride was moved to the former site of The Happening. With this move, the ride was renamed the Dream Street Dazzler and was repainted.

The Dream Street Dazzler was replaced in 1978 with the Monster Spin ride.

Today, the former Happening site is occupied by The Enchanted Teacups.