The 1990's saw media companies trying to create synergy across many different platforms as the media landscape continued to change through mergers and as technology changed and created new challenges and opportunities. Media giants like Paramount and Time Warner looked to follow Disney's lead, expanding their brands into theme parks to help promote their movies, TV shows and even magazines.

As a part of the creation of Movie Town in 1993, Six Flags Great Adventure introduced a new upscale merchandise location with the construction of the Time Warner Gift Boutique. The new store was to feature unique items that were extensions of the Time Warner brands.

Part of the site chosen for the new shop was formerly home to the Matterhorn ride which had been removed in 1986 and was sitting unused.


When the Time Warner Gift Boutique was completed it stood out on the exterior with its very upscale look, featuring red awnings and large light fixtures. The idea was to create a real boutique which in some ways was a variation on the Warner Brothers mall stores that existed at the time, but with its own unique merchandise selection. 
The finished store had a very upscale look compared to the other merchandise locations in the park, with fixtures and lighting more reminiscent of a mall store than most theme park stores. The dozens of brands and logos of the Time Warner family of companies were featured on the walls as well as on the selection of merchandise available.

In addition to Time Warner publications, the most heavily featured items were the Looney Tunes and DC Comics characters. The popular characters were featured as t-shirts, plush, watches, figures, ties and dozens of other products. 
The Film Fence

The area between the Skeeball Barn (Studio 28 Arcade) and the Time Warner Gift Boutique featured a black and yellow fence designed to look like a roll of film. The panels of the film originally featured silhouettes of famous images from Warner Brothers films like The Right Stuff and Casablanca.  Oddly, these movie images only lasted for several weeks before being completely removed from the fencing.
Superman's Phone Booth
On the sidewalk outside the Boutique a phone booth was setup which initially featured a Clark Kent mannequin changing clothes as he transforms into Superman.  The mannequin was short lived and the phone booth has stood empty since 1997.
The Walk of Fame
The sidewalk around the Boutique featured several large bronze stars as Six Flags version of the famous Hollywood "Walk Of Fame" with each star representing a marquis attraction in the park. The stars still remain though all the attractions except Batman: The Ride have been removed from the park in the ensuing seasons. 
With the sale of the Six Flags theme park chain to Premier Parks, some of the licensing and theme elements were changed as part of cost savings as well as decreased promotion of the Time Warner brands with the new ownership. The Time Warner Gift Boutique became the Justice League Headquarters in 1997 featuring merchandise of Batman and the rest of the Justice League superheroes.  
Gift Shop Names
Through the Years

Time Warner Gift Boutique

Justice League Headquarters
Over the seasons the selections of merchandise have changed with the times with new and different products, but generally variations on the themes of T-shirts, bags, mugs, key chains and other brick-a-brack still prevail.
On the exterior of the store a series of light boxes were designed to initially feature movie posters for upcoming Warner Brothers films. Over the years those boxes have gone on to feature other ads and promotional materials as well as products available inside the shop.

The biggest change over the seasons has been the growth of the trees that were planted when the shop was built. These trees have grown so large that they partially obscure the facade of the building now.
Today the Justice League Headquarters is still one of the most popular merchandise locations in the park, featuring both DC Superhero merchandise and coaster related
t-shirts and gifts.  Given its proximity to both Batman The Ride and the Dark Knight Coaster, thrill seekers will often visit the Justice League Headquarters to pick up a souvenir of the coasters they just conquered, and cool off inside this fine air- conditioned Movie Town shop.