Time Warp at Six Flags Great Adventure

Added to the park for the 1999 season as part of the "War on Lines", the Time Warp was one of the 28 new rides added to the park.   Time Warp's lakeside location was a first in the park's history, since the lakefront was generally left wooded and unspoiled, with only show venues along the path.

The Time Warp was a Chance Rides Double Inverter, and was located along the lake in the area between the Dolphin Stadium and Great Lake Grandstand, which is now home to the Festival Stage.
Time Warp was one of over two dozen new rides added to the park in 1999, and offered an intermediate thrill experience which usually drew more people to watch it than ride it.   The bright purple and gold color scheme stood out along against the trees and water.

The ride didn't make the park's opening day and was still under construction on the first day of the 1999 season.

In Time Warp's short time at the park it remained closed more than it was open.

The ride's twin cars could operate together or separately, with one side of the ride often being closed off to reduce the  staff required to run it.
Technical Information  
  Manufacturer: Chance Rides
  Ride Model:        Double Inverter
  Number of Ride Vehicles: 2
  Number of Seats: 24 per vehicle (48 total)
  Max total passenger weight: 8160 lbs (170 lb per seat)
  Loading: All seats simultaneously
  Direction of Travel: Clockwise and counterclockwise
  Ride speed: 8 rotations per minute
  Ride duration: Variable
  Maximum wind speed-  
    operating:  35 mph
    static:  110 mph
  Frontage ground width: 54 feet
  Frontage air width: 50 feet 7 inch at 31 feet
  Height: 48 feet 7 inch
  Depth: 27 feet 2 inch
  Drive: DC electric
  Total power required: 520 kva
    motors:  430 kva
    lights:  90 kva
  Voltage required: 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz
  Type: 460 volt DC
  Horsepower rating: 320 hp (4 @ 80 hp each)
  Lighting: 110 volt programmed incandescent
  Safety restraint: Neck harness with locking bars
These shots are of one of the few times the ride operated, and it's only running one side, and the ride has many more spectators than riders.
Time Warp was removed after the 2001 season, and its former location became the home to the Festival Stage.

For years the ride was placed into storage in the parks boneyard.  In December 2008, the cars from the ride were removed from the park's property and seen traveling west on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  The balance of the ride still remains in the boneyard.