Modern trampolines date back to the 1940's and bungee cords date back to the early 20th century. Turbo Bungy attractions put the two technologies together allow users to make extreme jumps. 

Introduced in 2001 as an upcharge attraction, Turbo Bungy was placed in the Boardwalk area of the park between the Four Tents and next to the often closed Jumpin' Jack Flash ride. The attraction filled in an otherwise dead space in the park, and the colorful structure complemented the neighboring ride.

  For the 2004 season, the Turbo Bungy moved across the park to the former site of the Pirate's Flight ride which had been sitting unused since 2003 when it was supposed to have become the home to Great Adventure's often relocated Scrambler ride. The former Turbo Bungy site between the Four Tents was later to become home to the Boardwalk Paintball game.

  In 2005 a second Turbo Bungy was installed in Hurricane Harbor.

  The Turbo Bungy is a brand created by Amusement Management International, a company that specializes in high-thrill (and low capacity) rides generally offered as upcharge attractions in parks. Turbo Bungy units are sold as the set of four trampolines with the central metal frame that holds the bungee cords that the harnesses are attached to. There are several bungee cords on each set of arms, allowing for a wide range of weights of jumpers. Lighter jumpers get attached to one bungee, while heavier jumpers get attached to multiple bungees.    
  Once a jumper was secured in the harness and attached to the proper cords, a winch in the center of the structure pulls the cables tight and puts the proper tension on the bungees for the rider to be able to bounce high, often to twice their body height.   
  In 2008 the Flying Wave was removed after repairs and maintenance costs became to cost prohibitive, so the Turbo Bungy was moved into the former Flying Wave pad. This new location was more prominent, and brought more customers to the attraction.

For the 2012 season, the Turbo Bungy was removed from the park to make way for the new Sky Screamer ride, an extreme version of the former Flying Wave.